The Hypafix® family of fixation tapes

Simple & secure wide-area fixation for all ages and stages

The Hypafix® product platform is growing! We are introducing Hypafix® gentle touch and Hypafix® Transparent fixation tapes! Joining the widely used Hypafix® Classic, gentle touch and Transparent complete this comprehensive product range, offering proven quality for a variety of wide-area fixation applications. 

  • Hypafix® Classic: The general wide-area fixation tape that firmly secures on all sides. Does not slip or become detached thanks to the skin-friendly and reliable adhesive with a soft, pliable backing.
  • Hypafix® gentle touch: A gentle fixation tape for delicate skin. The soft silicone adhesive holds securely in place, yet does not damage fragile skin, such as aging skin or baby's skin. 
  • Hypafix® Transparent: A waterproof wide-area fixation tape that reliably secures and protects wound dressings with a clear, ultra-thin polyurethane for high vapor transmission, breathability, and a second skin feel.

With the entire range available in rolls which can be cut to size and different widths and lengths to fit each unique patient, you can be sure whatever your fixation needs, we have a Hypafix® product to meet them

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